Level 3 International Foundation Diploma
for Higher Education Studies (L3IFDHES)
What is NCC Education?
NCC Education is a global provider and awarding body of British education. Originally part of the National Computing Centre, NCC Education was initially established as an IT initiative by the British Government in 1966. NCC Education started offering IT qualifications in 1976 and from 1997 developed its Higher Education portfolio to include Business programmes and a range of foundation programmes. Today, NCC Education has an extensive network of Accredited Partner Centres in over 50 countries, 4 international offices and employs academic managers worldwide. NCC Education is accredited by Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) and regulated by Ofqual. Recognised by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (DBIS) in the UK.

The NCC Education Level 3 International Foundation Diploma for Higher Education Studies (L3IFDHES) is an Ofqual regulated qualification. It is a one-year pre-university qualification developed by UK academics to help you progress successfully to undergraduate study. This pre-university bridging qualification is designed to provide an entry route to UK and international university courses.

For level 3
     -      Certificate of completion for Grade 11. Not attempting or failing the matriculation examination is also acceptable. Must show either the letter of recommendation from the principal of your school or the evidence of grade 10 final transcripts.
     -      Completed attending the IGCSE O level but have not completed the UK examinations. Must have achieved minimum of Grade A to C or 9 to 4 in Maths and English.
     -      Passing the English level Test from the GPA and the interview is also necessary.

To complete the qualification a student must study and pass eight units.
The qualification consists of six core units:
Developing English Language Skills – This module helps students to develop English language skills to be able to communicate effectively beyond simple everyday contexts. It aims to improve one’s reading, writing, listening and speaking and enables student to acquire a broad range of knowledge which can be used to confidently and effectively communicate in English. It guides students through Intermediate and Upper Intermediate levels of English language study.

Advanced English Language Skills – This module enables a student to put into practice the language acquired and develop this into an advanced user of English. Students will make extensive use of the four skills of speaking, reading, listening and writing, as well as extending the knowledge of complex grammar and advanced vocabulary.

English for Academic Purposes – This module helps students to develop the understanding and use of key linguistic skills where necessary to engage effectively in an academic environment.

Study and Communication Skills – This module equips students with the essential study skills needed to succeed at university level. Students will learn the basic skills necessary to conduct independent research, write academic papers, give formal oral presentations and apply what has been taught during lectures to your studies.

Culture Studies – This module will enable students to gain awareness and increased understanding of other cultures and their own alongside the impact of a more digitised world on those cultures. The content aims to help students to define and describe the concept of culture and use this as a framework to critically analyse their own and other cultures. Students will be able to apply their understanding of culture to other aspects of their course and to their plans for further study and work.
Foundation Mathematics – This module builds upon student’s knowledge of mathematics whilst introducing new topics appropriate across a range of academic disciplines and for their future career.

A further two units must be taken from a choice of three electives:

Introduction to Programming – This module exposes students to extensive practical use of the modern programming language Visual Basic, to illustrate the classic programming principles of sequencing, selection and iteration in the context of object-oriented computer programming.

Introduction to Business – This module provides an introduction to the purpose, types and organisation of businesses. Students become familiar with a range of business concepts such as basic marketing practices.

Physics – This module equips students with a fundamental background of the principles of physics. It focuses on Newton’s mechanics, electrostatics and electrodynamics. The principles of thermal physics and magnetism are also introduced.

The duration of the course will be 12 months/ 1 Year.
There will be two semesters and 4 modules per semester.

Online Course Fees
The fee of the online course is 4,050,000 MMK and if a student reaches the required English level during the admission test, he will only need to pay 3,550,000 MMK.

Students who need to attend extra English class - 4,050,000 MMK
Students do not need to attend extra English class - 3,550,000 MMK

Face to Face Course Fees
Students who need to attend extra English class - 5,050,000 MMK
Students do not need to attend extra English class - 4,550,000 MMK

Course Schedule
     -      Monday to Friday
     -      There will be 10 % Discount for cash down payment.
     -      Students can also pay the fees by using three times installment plan (40%, 40%, 20%) during the three-month period.
     -      Students can also pay the fees per Month.
     -      As it is required to register to NCC Education UK, 470 GBP registration fees must be submitted at the start of the admission process.

Due to the current situation, the classes will be provided by experienced lecturers online. The online class sessions will be provided with the same features as the face-to-face sessions using zoom application.
Global Pathways Academy will also arrange activities and workshops to develop the students into well-rounded candidates for the future.

Yangon Teaching Centre (3)
No.142, 146 Sule Pagoda Road, Kyauktada Township, Yangon.

Mingalar Mandalay Teaching Centre (1)
Block 4, Unit 8, 73rd Road, Corner of Thazin and Ngu Shwe War Road, Mingalar Mandalay, Chanmyathazi Township, Mandalay.

Mingalar Mandalay Teaching Centre (2)
Block 4, Unit 3, 73rd Road, Corner of Thazin and Ngu Shwe War Road, Mingalar Mandalay, Chanmyathazi Township, Mandalay.

Ph No. (YGN) - 09 780 777 265
Ph No. (MDY) - 09 42426 7577, 09 42426 7578